University Accountability Agreement Ugc

I am writing to request the University Responsibility Inquiry Contract (UAA) signed between each university funded by the UGC and the UGC (including all annexes/annexes/annexes (if any). In response to public concerns about the governance and accountability of publicly funded higher education institutions, including higher education funding, UGC-funded universities and the UGC worked together to create a University Accountability Agreement (AAU). The agreement is a public confirmation of the commitments made by the contracting parties to provide high-quality teaching, research and related activities to Hong Kong`s greatest benefit. The UGC confirms the funding that each university must provide with conditions/expectations during the period, while each university reaffirms its responsibility for all funds received from the UGC and its commitment to obtain cheap funding for the use of public funds. The AAU also defines performance measures at the sectoral and institute-wide level in the areas of activity identified. These performance actions help to ensure institutional responsibility for pre-defined objectives and to demonstrate that universities are required to continuously improve quality in line with their respective areas of excellence. Lingnan University is recognized as the first free arts university in the world and stands out for its quality of teaching, internationalization and research with social and lasting importance. Your request for November 5, 2018 under Code on Access to Information relates to. Since the University`s Grants Committee has not yet signed the university`s liability contract with the universities, we cannot respond to your request. . He.C. Kan據開料求料育委員委員料處披露秘委員委員委員. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

(Source: University Accountability Agreement for the 2019-22 Triennium released by the UGC) This is to confirm the receipt of your email and we will be informed with you shortly. . Lingnan also jumped 20 places in all of the QS World University 2021 rankings. Places per faculty increased by 21 places and 77 places in “International Students”. In addition to participating in the top 35 International Faculty, Lingnan was also voted in 2015 by Forbes as one of the “Top 10 Liberal Arts Colleges in Asia”. City University of Hong Kong (CityU) University Accountability Agreement-wide Sectoral Performance Levels Institute-specific Performance Indicators The university impact classification attempts to document evidence of the impact of universities on society, rather than just research and teaching. In total, lingnan University in 101-200 among more than 850 universities from 89 countries and regions participated in the exercise. Click here for more information. In line with a central recommendation of the report “Governance in UGC-funded Higher Education Institutions in Hong Kong,” the University Accountability Agreement (UAA) was established following extensive consultations with universities over a three-year period since 2016.

In addition to defining tasks and responsibilities for public funding, the AAU contains individual performance indicators that include both sectoral performance indicators and institute-specific performance indicators. They cover five key areas – 1) quality of the student learning and learning experience; 2) quality of research and post-cycle experience; 3) knowledge transfer and broader engagement; 4) Strengthening internationalization; and 5) financial health and institutional sustainability. Performance indicators are a useful tool for the UGC to assess the performance of universities on the basis of their individual objectives on the basis of the principle of institutional autonomy.

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