Application For Rural Delivery Service Agreement

There are a number of rural delivery services for existing and new rural customers, as some addresses are isolated, the receipt of the service is not automatic, and it may not always be possible to provide a mail delivery service at your door. Rural Couriers Society Limited, which operates under the Coural brand, was established in 1981 as a cooperative enterprise to help contractors develop their business as independent businesses. It offers a national rural delivery service of parcels and unregulated flyers on a generalized network. The rural delivery service concerns mail delivery services to rural areas. Door delivery is only available if the property is located in an area where an existing rural delivery service passes and where the mailbox can be serviced easily and safely from a vehicle (see requirements and voicemail location). The shares each cost 1.00 $US. Shares are entitled to receive dividends (set at $US 2.50 per share in recent years). Publish the available application forms – see DR contractors page. You should check that the rural delivery service is available near you by contacting our national contact center. If the service is not available, ask for other New Zealand mail delivery services that may be available, including private box, counter delivery, or community mailboxes.

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