Amendment Vs Additional Agreement

This would only be visible in the title of the contract, probably in the “pending” clause and in an entire contractual clause (i.e. which terminates the old contract). The Agreement shall be amended as follows:(a) point 10.2(l) shall be amended as point 10.2(m). (b) after point (k) of paragraph 10.2, the following provision shall be inserted as paragraph 10.2(l): `Conclusion, modification or termination of management agreements, partnerships, joint venture agreements or other agreements which are not concluded in the course of a normal activity;` (c) the word `or` at the end of point (j) of paragraph 10.2 shall be deleted; (d) in points 4.3 and 6.2, the cross-references to (point) `10.2 (k)` are replaced by `10.2 (l)`. .

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