Italy And China Trade Agreement

The Geographical Indications Agreement, signed last November by EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan and Chinese Trade Minister Zhong Shan, is the first major bilateral trade agreement that will protect the 100 geographical indications of each side, including 26 Italian products. Italy`s transactional tradition of trade and foreign policy, its anti-establishment government`s antagonism towards the European Union, the inability of the United States to intervene effectively, and China`s know-how in exploiting political dysfunction – all of these things contributed to the adoption of the agreement. The project is seen as a new Silk Road that, like the old trade route, will link China to Europe. There are different types of Italian dairy products, alcohol and meat on the agreement, including different cheeses, wines, grappa and cold cuts. The Silk Road has been used for centuries to transport Western Chinese exports of gold and other precious metals and stones, tea, porcelain, perfumes, rice, paper and gunpowder. Imports to China included horses, saddles and mounts, vines and grapes, dogs and other exotic and domestic animals, animal skins and skins, honey, textiles, slaves, weapons and armor. This book examines the political and trade ties between Italy and China, with particular emphasis on the second half of the 19th century and the post-war period. In recent years, economic relations between the two countries have intensified as a result of increased trade and trade agreements, which has positively expanded into their political and diplomatic relations. By examining original sources such as the archives of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Bank of Italy and the Central National Archives in Rome, the author offers a historical perspective on the development of economic and political ties between the two countries. The respective chapters deal. B the role of international government authorities, the role of the Bank of China, the impact of trade agreements and foreign investment projects, etc.

Given its breadth, the book will be aimed at scientists of economic history and the international economy, as well as political scientists and lawyers interested in international diplomacy and trade agreements. The EU Council on Monday took decisions on the signing of the agreement, the date and place of the signing of the agreement has not yet been set.