Consent Agreement Senate

For example, senators have argued over whether a request for a new amendment to a law is contrary to unanimous approval for the vote on the bill.16.16 Some senators said that colleagues could object if they were not present when a unanimous approval agreement was proposed. In response, Senator Thomas Martin, VA, the so-called chairman of the Democratic group, said: “If the approval is unanimous, he cannot leave his vote here to be recorded against, unless a senator present contradicts the Senate. The Senate cannot do business like this by substitutes. 17 A single senator participating in a single act of refusal of approval may delay the actions of the Senate by several days. And think that all the time spent on this long, tedious procedure is time that cannot be spent endorsing the president`s Trump agenda. If you delay, you win. These pacts were soon commonplace, but until the twentieth century they were only a “gentlemen`s agreement”. As one president complained, they could be “hurt with impunity” by any senator. As a result, in January 1914, the Senate passed a new rule that states that unanimous approval agreements “operate by order of the Senate” and can only be amended by another UC agreement. Unanimous approval does not necessarily mean unanimity (see consensus decision § Consent against assent). Senator Reed Smoot, R-UT, was surprised by the unanimous approval agreement he rejected. The problem concerned a 1913 law (p. 4043) to prohibit intergovernmental trade in intoxicating spirit drinks.

Unanimous agreement was duly adopted and announced by the President. . . .

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