Wscs Funding Agreement

Once the WSCS is operational, child care providers can sign a new agreement and receive their additional payments from the DCYA as well as the overhead contribution, which is returned on the date the child care provider signed the agreement. Preliminary payments are made on the basis of a model that estimates the amounts due under the DCYA TWSC system for salaries and overheads. If the DCYA TWSC value has been calculated, all preliminary payments under this Agreement will be matched to the actual service-based DCYA TWSC program payments after Pobal has submitted an application form and proof of revenue calculation. More information on this process will be provided in the coming weeks Note to multi-sport organizations: The UPA will receive a separate email for each institution in the organization. The terms and conditions must be accepted for everyone. Pobal will only contact the UPA of multi-facility organizations after submitting funding agreements, as more information is required. DCYA cannot confirm the date of the new WSCS funding agreement, but it is working on it and significant progress has been made. Working closely with DCYA, Pobal is preparing our systems – PIP and the Early Childhood Hive – to support the range of funding measures that could be deployed in the coming weeks. Following the phasing out of how best to use cash funding to support the sector, funding for the ECCE, NCS, PSAB and TEC programmes will be suspended from today, allowing the entire sector to fully benefit from the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS) and WSCS.

Payments will be issued on Friday, April 24 to any service provider that accepts the terms of this Agreement and has submitted the form to Pobal no later than Tuesday, April 21 at 5 p..m. – A copy of the Funding Agreement will be posted on the PIP portal for verification purposes only. If your service has not yet submitted the application form, please do so as soon as possible. This is a requirement of the TWSCS funding agreement and allows for the allocation of calculated payments. Payments under the Ministry of Children and Youth`s Temporary Child Care Wage Subsidy Plan (DCYA TWSC) will be issued this week on April 24, 2020 to any service provider that accepts the terms of the funding agreement and submitted the form by 17 p.m on Tuesday, April 21. . . .

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