Wherescape Red License Agreement

7 COMPANY PROFILE WhereScape is a privately held company based in Portland, Oregon, USA, with branches in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. It currently has a user base of more than 300 customers. The background of Scape lies in the development of the data warehouse. WhereScape Software Limited was integrated into WhereScape RED Version 1, which was released a year later to create Oracle Data Warehouses. WhereScape RED was focused on SQL Server, then on Teradata and DB2. Among the most important customers and use: Vodafone an implementation of Datamart that allows employees to access important financial reports and KPI from their desktops. ehealth, an online health insurance company, has grown in three months from a manual reporting infrastructure to a fully documented automatic environment. Clearwater Seafoods, a prototype self-service BI reporting infrastructure, was built in 30 days and operates independently of the IT department. ASB Bank, New Zealand`s largest bank, has implemented a reporting environment with WhereScape RED. SUMMARY The creation of Data Warehouses/Datamarts can be a complex and tedious undertaking, and their use may be limited by the requirements of an organization`s modification, as the speed of organizational changes is not related to the implementation of technical changes. With WhereScape RED, companies can not only create data warehouses faster, but also manage the change requirement with less IT participation and speed up the process.

Although WhereScape RED was developed for data warehouse design specialists, the Butler Group, in verifying the solution, found the graphical interface very intuitive that most people with an understanding of database principles (since the solution uses standard relational databases as a target datawarehouse) would also be well served by the product. Much of the inherent complexity of Data Warehouse`s design is effectively hidden from the developer, who can focus on making the required schematics available. One aspect that we found particularly useful was the way in which the relevant indices were established without understanding the impact of the creation of the indices, since the necessary indices were established automatically. Majorler Group. This technology audit is a licensed product and should not be photocopied page 7 1 Reference Code: TA001707DBS Release Date: July 2009 Author: Michael Thompson TECHNOLOGY AUDIT WhereScape RED v6 WhereScape BUTLER GROUP VIEW ABSTRACT WhereScape RED is an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports the entire lifecycle of Data Warehouse. It consists of a built-in workbench that provides a drag-and-drop interface to create a data warehouse where assistants are used to guide the developer through a process for standard functions such as creating a dimension. An integrated data warehouse system with comprehensive dependency management; and a metadata repository. Although it can be considered a simple development tool, the added value of WhereScape RED is really perceived when modification requirements need to be implemented, as the product management aspect allows them to be implemented much faster than with standard development tools/methods. Although WhereScape RED uses metadata in its own repository for all aspects of working with the target Datawarehouse, there is no proprietary lock for the product itself, and once the target datawarehouse has been created, WhereScape RED could be removed and the target datahouse would be a standalone implementation. The target Datawarehouse may be one of the three most teradata leading relational databases.

There is no support for non-relational models and no support for open source databases. KEY FINDINGS After development, the target DataWarehouse can be self-contained. The creation of indices is automatically taken into account for the best performance. Accelerates the development process and takes responsibility for managing change. The target group is the SME market and department companies. Totally intuitive design and development interface.

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