Whatsapp Terms Of Service Agreement

The liability clause for new services is: “After that date, you must accept the new terms in order to continue using WhatsApp, or you can delete your account at any time.” The report stressed that this date could change and that the company will announce these changes in the coming weeks. 12.4 Any change in the purpose of the contract and the main debts that would lead to an amendment to the contractual agreement as a whole is excluded from the right of amendment provided for in point 12.3. In such cases, MessengerPeople informs the customer of the proposed changes and proposes the continuation of the contractual relationship in accordance with the amended terms. 12.2 At no time is the performance of MessengerPeople`s essential contractual obligations limited when changing the service. 2.6 MessengerPeople uses the service of messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, but has no influence on their technical and contractual configuration or on the extent of the services provided by these messaging platforms. Messenger platforms can change or even shut down their range of services at any time, which can prevent MessengerPeople from working. 12.3 In all cases other than paragraph 12.1, MessengerPeople will notify the customer in advance of changes to the terms and conditions. Unless the Customer challenges the validity of these changes within four weeks of receiving the notice of change at the watch stand, the change is deemed accepted with effect in the future. If the customer objects to the changes, MessengerPeople is allowed to terminate the contractual relationship. In its notification, MessengerPeople will draw the customer`s attention to the effect of silence and the right to terminate. 5.1 Payment for services is based on MessengerPeople`s current prices and order forms. MessengerPeople accepts payment details displayed in each customer`s MessengerPeople account.

10.6 Once the term of the contract is over, the customer is no longer able to access the platform and media content – subject to a contract extension or a new contract of use – and multimedia content is removed from the platform by MessengerPeople. Media content stored by the customer on the platform and all personal data of which the customer is the customer is deleted by MessengerPeople no later than one month after the termination of the contract. 2.8 In the event that WhatsApp only blocks individual SIM cards from its service, MessengerPeople will notify the customer concerned and continue to provide its service via new SIM cards.

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