Seiu National Agreement Kaiser

United Food & Commercial Workers International Union – Pharmacy, Locals 135, 324, 770, 1036, 1167, 1442 and 1428 Service Employees` International Union, Local 105, AFL-CIO If ratified, the four-year agreement between Kaiser and seven unions in six states and the District of Columbia would prevent a nationwide strike that was scheduled to begin on October 14. The Permanent Emperor and coalition negotiators reached a provisional agreement on September 25, after nearly five months of active negotiations that began in April 2019. The agreement was ratified during the month of October by the union members of the Permanent Emperor. Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions: For more information on the coalition`s local union agreements, including expiration dates, see the 2015 National Agreement, Appendix 3.D. If you have any questions regarding the entry into force of a local contract of the coalition unions, please refer to Appendix 3.D (page E-55). “This agreement will allow us to rebuild the partnership between workers and management, which was so important to all of us to make Kaiser a success over the past 20 years,” said Georgette Bradford, UHW member and ultrasound technician at Kaiser in Sacramento. “Reaching an agreement wasn`t easy, there were a lot of twists and turns, but in the end we got what we had planned – an agreement that was good for patients, workers and our communities.” The national contract for Kaiser employees expired on September 30, 2018, and healthcare professionals have continued to struggle for good jobs and lower costs for patients ever since. Kaiser Permanente is proud of its long history of work. A total of 40 union members, who belong to 16 international unions, represent more than 160,000 Kaiser workers. In recent years, Kaiser Permanente has also entered into local and national agreements with unions outside the coalition, including: California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, AFSCME, UFCW, USW (Steelworkers), IBT (Teamsters), The Emperor Permanent Registered Nurse Anesthetists, IUOE, OFNHP, ILWU and UNITE HERE. Office and Professional Employees International Union, Local 30 including California Service Center (CSC) OAKLAND, Calif. (ots/N) – Kaiser Permanente and the Kaiser Permanent Union Coalition have reached a preliminary agreement on a 4-year national collective agreement, which includes 85,000 permanent Kaiser public health employees unionized in 11 local unions.

New four-year contract positions Kaiser Permanente for a sustainable future Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU), Local 2 United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, AFL-CIO-CLC – Bakersfield, Local 1036 health professionals are trying to negotiate a new national agreement that would involve a true partnership between workers and management, safe staff and the use of technology. The agreement would also address the future labour shortage of laid-off and certified workers and protect the wages and benefits that support families. The provisional agreement was reached by Kaiser Permanente and coalition negotiators on September 24, after nearly 5 months of active negotiations that began in April 2019. It will now be a ratification to the members of the coalition union, where voting is expected to be completed by the end of October. . . .

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