Naspo Cloud Agreement

Any public body, public institution of higher education, public schools and other public institutions accredited by state law with an authorized endorsement may use the contracts as part of this allocation. Once a participating addendum has been signed with a single state or entity, customers can start placing orders with an AWS service provider. All orders, in accordance with the agreement, at least, include: We make the process of safeguarding contracts easy, unlocking the resources normally spent on tenders and agreements. States can join a participation agreement by inserting conditions directly into the participating addendum. Some political subdivisions can be followed by reference to existing national laws. The State of Massachusetts has a contract with Carahsoft for Cloud Solutions. This contract vehicle is an addendum involved in the renewal of Carahsoft`s NASPO ValuePoint contract. All public bodies in the state of Massacusetts are able to use this contract vehicle to find cloud solutions through a state treaty. What is the endorsement? A participating additive is a bilateral agreement, executed by a contractor and a participating entity, which contains the conditions set out in the initial invitation and all other additional specific languages or requirements of the participating entity, such as procedures.

B order or other unique conditions for the participating entity. The objective of a participating addendum is to grant protection of the terms of the invitation to any party using a NASPO ValuePoint contract. It is a cooperation contract that allows customers to access technical features that are performed in cloud environments and that fulfill NIST Essential characteristics. The three cloud categories assigned are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service. For more information on contracting, please visit the NASPO ValuePoint website. When it comes to cloud computing contracts and portfolios, NASPO ValuePoint increases the purchasing power of STATE-owned enterprises in all 50 states to provide contracts at the best value. We help ensure the highest value in cloud solutions and programs to support your community. As soon as a state or entity executes a participating addendum, VMware assigns multiple authorized VMware resellers to the contract for sale and execution. Authorized users can contact the retailer of their choice to receive price offers and respond to orders.

Lists of states participating in this agreement and VMware resellers are available on the Master Agreement for the NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Solutions contract at the top of the page.

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