Learning Agreement Erasmus Unical

Warning: before accessing the Erasmus Plus application form with IDEM data, make sure you have activated an account for The Unical unical.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do.Inoltre Esse3 network services, make sure your registration status matches the one required for the Erasmus call, in case of a problem, to contact the educational service dell`Ateneo(servizididattici@unical.it) to request the registration on the basis of the payment of taxes in Esse3 and then access the application form; but, in the third place, you don`t enter the application form. Successful events are not deemed valid until after registration at Esse3. In exceptional cases and be documented by a specific motivational statement to join the application, it is permissible to certify yourself, by a special form on Esse3, outdated courses, but not in your career. LLP/ERASMUS WEBSITE: unical.erasmusmanager.it/ Rankings are published within 7 days of the end of the call to the following address www.unical.it/portale/concorsi/ and on the unical.erasmusmanager.it/studenti/. This publication will be a notification of all effects and candidates will not be informed. Winners will be convened at the same time as the rankings on the above websites to confirm the location chosen during the application phase or to modify it, according to a schedule to be published. Candidates who are not properly justified are considered a waiver of the scholarship and without the possibility of support. For information and assistance, please contact the Erasmus Special Office, Cube 7-11/B Ground floor: armando.mazzulla@unical.it; emanuela.capparelli@unical.itTel.: 0984 493709, 0984 493624, 0984 495057 To this end, it is advisable to consult the Database of Erasmus Agreements in unical.erasmusmanager.it/studenti/reportsAccordi_studenti.aspx,Inoltre, to have a good knowledge of the language of the country of destination in accordance with the language requirements of the host university before departure and to know whether the training offer corresponds to its own interests and educational background. To find out what language needs are and to access university web addresses, log on to the following address unical.erasmusmanager.it/ufficio/gestionefinanziaria/Accordi/indirizzario_studenti.aspx If you`ve forgotten your password, just click “Forgotten Password.” You will receive the new password at the email address you have indicated in the online registration. If there is a problem with access to the app, send the helpdesk.unical.it-System report and email to armando.mazzulla@unical.it, socrates@unical.it with:1.

Screenshot of the automatic system message, which highlights the nature of the technical problem encountered, the exact date and time of access to the system;2.

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