Enterprise Agreement Consultants

If you want to enter into an enterprise agreement, are negotiating or reviewing an enterprise agreement and need help, please contact AFEI to let an advisor speak to you. To guide you in the negotiation, it helps to have experts on the site to lead the way. Our approach to enterprise bargaining negotiations has always been proven to give companies the clarity they need to achieve their negotiating objectives. Enterprise agreements are legal documents covering the terms of employment. While Modern Awards offers a safety net for minimum wages and conditions, an enterprise agreement can be tailored to your company`s specific needs. Enterprise agreements are often required by the main contractors for projects to ensure that the company meets the legal requirements. An enterprise agreement is an agreement negotiated and concluded between one or more employers and a group of workers that sets the terms of employment. It allows your business to move away from traditional premium coverage and to put in place employment conditions that are better suited to the needs of your business and employees. EAAs define the parameters of labour costs, workplace flexibility and decision-making processes – areas crucial to the effective functioning of organizations. Enterprise bargaining sets parameters for labour costs, flexibility in management and decision-making – areas crucial to the efficient functioning of organizations.

If SASs are correct, not only will costly errors be avoided, but positive results will also be achieved for employers and workers for the duration of the agreement. iHR Australia can work with your organization`s internal resources by providing expertise and support throughout the Enterprise Contract Process (EA), also known as Enterprise Bargaining Contracts (EBas) or collective agreements. With 2 decades of experience in corporate organizations, Mr. Sagi has a very strong track case in licensing, business negotiation, business management, strategic planning and finance. After working for Microsoft for a decade and playing a central role in licensing, sales, negotiation and process management, Mr. Sagi Peloton Consulting created a first-rate licensing consultancy. It may be worth encouraging important collaborators who can add real value to the discussions. Unfortunately, this does not happen often enough, as many companies view negotiations on business as a trade union matter, which is not the case. While union representatives are often able to participate in negotiations, there are less than 16% of unions in Australia and only 11% in the private sector. As a Victoria Influence Group, which deals with some 47,000 Victorian businesses each year, our labour relations experts proactively monitor the bargaining process for businesses across a wide range of industries and industries. Greg Reiffel Consulting, one of Melbourne`s most prestigious industrial relations consulting firms, will assess the validity of all contracts and agreements. Our awarding systems are designed to protect your business from all threats.

The experience of our labour relations advisors has shown that clarifying organizational objectives provides companies with the first platform to achieve the results they seek in negotiations. Our consultants have the experience and know-how to ensure that you are fully aware of the potential benefits and disadvantages of AAs.

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